Website Design

We designs website that market the client's products and meet users' need.

Website Design

Website design to us is far beyond having a stunning design for the client's content, we go as far as designing website that help to market the products or services of the client. We don't work without having the taste of the client, the competitor of the client, the business objective, the target audience of the client and the brand of the business. All these needs in having a website is to make us design website that help to market the product and services of the client.

Since the inception of Web Tags Ltd, we have been adding smile to our clients design website and we believe in the power of referrals with our client. We are not website designers or programmers on the run; we are service provider and we are not website designers or programmers who are trying to test run a career, this is our business and we are proud of it.

The technologies we embark on are HyperText Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), Bootstrap, JavaScript, TypeScript and Angular. We are good code writers using our technologies and our favourite editor is Sublime. We don't rely on the use of software for our website design that can fade away. We embark on the fundamental.

Our Creative Skills

Website design is an art that paints the image of the company in the heart of the users, this is what we translates has credibility. So, website design is not just a beautiful or stunning design that translates the services of a company. In our own definition, it is your voice in the market and this is the reason why we are creative in our thinking when designing a website for our client. We are not addicted to our own concept of thinking, we listen to the client because it the voice of the client we are creating in the market and not ours.

Speaking of our creativity, in designing a website we follow some phases that has helped us to keep to state of working with excellence. The phases include knowing the business, knowing the competitors of the business, knowing the unique strenght of the client that is, what make the client different from its competitors, knowing the brand and knowing the taste of the client which is the website the client admires. These are what we put together in our thinking when designing a website. Besides the work strenght, we are flexible to adjust to the client perspective because we can't give the voice than he/she could. We are not just bragging of our worth, our portfolio can speak for us